This Mother’s Day… Celebrate Who You Are

May 8, 2010

While not every woman is a mother, we are all daughters.  Whether we had or have a good relationship with our moms… we all know how important that relationship is.  What we all long for from our moms is to be seen and loved for who we are.  We yearn to be loved purely and completely, without reservation.  We want to be loved for who we are, not who we are expected to be.  To be loved for our souls and not our successes.

So, women of the world, this mother’s day, let’s give that kind of love to ourselves and to every woman we know.  Whether you are a mother to another human being or not – the truth is, women love, nurture, support, honor, sacrifice for, tend to those we love.  We give birth… to ideas and dreams and hopes.  We create and bring new life into the world through our words, and songs, and art, and meals and jobs and professions.  In one way or another… we are all mothers.

This mother’s day, love and celebrate women for what we bring to the world.  Begin with yourself!

We honor and celebrate and thank you.

Blessings to you this Mother’s Day.

Molly & Kristine

3 Responses to “This Mother’s Day… Celebrate Who You Are”

  1. melody Says:

    Beautful! Hear! Hear!!

  2. Kathleen Says:

    Molly and Kristine, Could not have said it better. We are all daughters and sons of Women. Now mind you I am not saying this because children did not happen for me. Although 15 years ago I was bitter but I moved on for life was too short to hold that grudge and this is something I can do that amazes people who know me. I am saying it based on losing my sister at the age of 51. She had three children, 27, 23 and 18. Not babies that they would not remember, not 10 that they truly truly needed but still her children all the same who hopefully, in time, can grow on what she instilled in them so that they can celebrate what they and she loved. This is their second Mother’s Day so the shield is still worn for them but also for my Mom who lost a daughter. We all shared a wonderful day together of tears, hugs and laughter. I will continue to do my best to rally them in the future years because for some reason I was given this gift of humor along with embracing what memories I have and moving on. I also can see that my strength is reassuring to them and this is good for me. Cheers, K

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