Becoming a Potter at 61: Kristine’s Story

February 5, 2016

Making small clay creations embellished with her mother’s Norwegian sayings was an outlet for Kristine’s grief after her mom’s passing. Little did she know her porcelain art would become a business, Beanpole Pottery, with orders from as far as Australia. Tell us a little about..

Source: Becoming a Potter at 61: Kristine’s Story

3 Responses to “Becoming a Potter at 61: Kristine’s Story”

  1. Priscilla Christenson Says:

    You are amazing in so many ways, lovely Kristine!!!!

  2. Patti Giles Says:

    What a great story and a very special lady !!!

    Patti Giles


    9010 NE Cedar Creek Road

    Woodland, WA 98674


    Fax: 360-225-0229

  3. Margie Says:

    Having some of your beautiful creations in my home is so special. They remind me of their truth and the potter who made them!

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