Who Wouldn’t Want To Marry George Clooney

March 2, 2010

Marrying George Clooney is our newest MUST READ for any and all women who have ever experienced a hot flash, a longing  for the old high school boyfriend, or the hopes that one day you will find your purpose (the clock is ticking). This memoir is funny, poignant and raw to the bone.  A personal journey about menopause, midlife, marriage, mothers, friendship, and love. It’s about being wide awake in the middle of the night, growing up, growing older, and ultimately it’s about giving birth to and falling in love with ourselves.

Amy Ferris is the kind of inspiring friend we are all looking for. While reading MGC you will find yourself in good company, with plenty of empathy to go around.

Read this and share your thoughts here. We have been inspired to start our first on-line book club. Please join us.

18 Responses to “Who Wouldn’t Want To Marry George Clooney”

  1. amy ferris Says:

    your first on-line book club!
    i love that!!!!!
    how inspiring.

    all my love.

    • lcanche Says:

      I was one of the members of the Matters that Matter Women’s Retreat and I would like to personally thank you for sending each of us a copy of your Marrying George Clooney book. Please know that it is greatly appreciated and your generousity and willingness to share your talents has been received as a great GIFT!
      Thank you!

  2. Amy Friedman Says:

    I “discovered” Amy’s book on the website shewrites.com–first book I’ve ever pre-ordered, just based on our sharing a name and the title. And then I read it–everyone should read this book. I laughed. i cried. I wrote a fan letter. And I learned that Amy Ferris not only is an exquisite writer, she’s an extraordinary human being.

  3. Yes, MGC a read that takes one in to so many touching personal places. An integrated motherstory! Amy is never afraid to BE herself and express from there. A gift to all of us.

  4. lcanche Says:

    I was part of the Matters that Matter Women’s Retreat and I would like to express my appreciation to Amy Ferris for providing each of us at the retreat with a copy of her book – Marrying George Clooney. I am excited to read it and be part of the book club. Again thank you for your generosity and sharing your talent with us!!!!

  5. Marianne Says:

    I loved your book,and looked at Mr. Clooney in a whole new way tonight when the camera caught his gorgeous face.
    MGC is a must read for any women with a pulse,or the promise of a hot flash in her future.

  6. Lisa Says:

    OMG I love MGC…Go you Amy Ferris. It is time that we start meeting our own needs

  7. Cindy Says:

    OMG! I’ve just started MGC, it’s already rib-tickling, head nodding with agreement, through your head back guffaws (is that a great word?! If I hadn’t already taken my sleep aid I would have been up all night reading . . . Thank you so much, Amy for sending your book to the Matters That Matter retreat. Such a bonus! Will you come when the pilot group gathers again?

  8. Lisa RV Says:

    Eight chapters into reading MGC and I can not put it down. The book club I attend is meeting next week and I have not finished that book, because this one is just far better! Amy, thank you so much for the gift of this book. It is a real treat and I intend to share it with friends so they can benefit from the messages of laughter and wisdom that you weave with your words.

  9. Wendy Thompson Says:

    Thanks so much for your generosity in giving your book to all of us at Matters that Matter Retreat this past weekend. I look forward to reading it and Kristine says its awesome, so it must be! Thank you so much!

  10. jean gale Says:

    Thanks so much Amy for so graciously shipping all those books to the Matters That Matter Retreat. I am part way through it, love your irreverant humor. I will pass it on to my daughter who is going through menopause & will appreciate it even more than I as I can now look back & smile.

  11. amy ferris Says:

    today i wrote a blog about a phone call i got yesterday while walking the aisle of target — THANK YOU KRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!

    please, check it out!

    from the bottom of my heart for your amazing responses.
    I HOPE THE BOOK FILLS YOU WITH GREAT HOPE & LOVE & the absolute truth that none of us are alone in this journey.

  12. svr Says:

    Ms. Ferris…My mom says you are a kindred spirit.
    Welcome to the clan!!!

  13. Anna Says:

    Molly & Kristine,

    I’m so happily filled to the brim….

    Your retreat last weekend was beyond what I’d hoped for. You’re both such brave, authentic women — a dynamic pair who made all of us feel so welcome and COMFORTABLE to just be ourselves.

    To also receive Amy Ferris’ book, Marrying George Clooney, well what a topping!

    THANK YOU with all my heart,
    Anna Powell

  14. Rebecca Says:

    I am passing out MGC to my book club. It is amazing and like it was written for me. I know Amy doesn’t know me, but I think she speaks for me and lots of women my age.

  15. Amy,

    Thank you so much for the generous gift of your book for all of us at the Matters that Matter Retreat last weekend. It was truly the icing on the cake! I am excited that this weekend I will have the opportunity to read this wonderful gift.

    Thanks again,
    Lisa Canche

  16. sandy Says:

    I’m jazzed to have MGC next in line on my ‘can’t wait to read’ shelf. Thank you Amy for sharing it with all of us MTM retreat participants. My Portland,OR women’s book club will be hearing all about it at our next meeting. I’m lobbying you it to be our next selection. Would you like to do a call in with us when we meet to discuss it?

  17. amy ferris Says:

    dear sandy!
    i would be thrilled to do your BOOK CLUB via phone, let me know when it is.
    thrilled everyone loves the book !!!!! thrilled & delighted.
    all my love to all of you.

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