May 3, 2010

Do you instantly recognize these words coming out of Jack Nicholson’s mouth? It’s that scene in Something’s Got To Give when he looks at Diane Keaton, the women he just “had sex” with and utters sweet NOTHINGS. She like the rest of us said…”What the hell does that mean?” I am sure he is filled with emotion…the emotion HE experienced and that is his way of gushing all over her with compliments, affirmations and words of love.

I can’t help but think of how men think and how women think when it comes to celebrating the person you live your life with. Mother’s Day for example…Any woman on earth would really like the same thing…check your favorites…

breakfast in bed (that you don’t prepare or clean up)

beautiful lingerie (that you didn’t pick out)

a project around the house completed to your specifications (that you don’t have to nag about)

a simple picnic (that you didn’t have to pack)

a movie of your choice (that you didn’t have to negotiate over)

hand made cards filled with love (that you didn’t have to help make)

Okay, so the theme here is that WE, on Mother’s Day, would like to be celebrated with love and simplicity and REST. Give me a day off and do the things that need doing, while I am enjoying the things you did for me. How does that sound?


5 Responses to ““YOU ARE A WOMAN TO LOVE””

  1. melody Says:

    Amen!!! LOVE this post!!!

  2. melody Says:

    Im printing this out and taping to my husbands closet door!! lol

  3. Wendy Thompson Says:

    I’m so lucky I get treated that way every day by my wonderful husband! I know. I am blessed.

  4. Anna Says:

    So true!

    I’m painting with a bunch of women on Mother’s day.

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