May 4, 2010

“My most precious daughter,

If there is any lesson I would want to leave with you, it is to love yourself. Find peace with who you are and don’t look outside yourself for acceptance and love. Find it deep within you and treasure it always. When you love yourself like that, you will know the kind of love I will always have for you.”

When our publisher asked us to come up with a quote for the book jacket that we thought would speak for moms universally, this is the quote we found. It came to us in a letter from Lorea…a young mother diagnosed with AIDS. Lorea knew that the future of her 3 small children possibly didn’t include her. We chose her quote because we believe these are the words we all long to hear.

The mother daughter relationship is complicated at best. But there are those threads of insight, from all of our experiences – the good, the bad, the ugly – that help shape us into the vibrant, glorious women we are today.

So this Mother’s Day, give thanks for the wisdom you have gained in your life and that you can, in turn, impart to those around you.


  1. Once again…Thank you ladies! This is my first Mother’s Day gift of the year. Thank you from the depths of my heart. I am going to print this quote up and keep it in front of me in my office, so I have it there to remind me, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed and inadequate, to reach for the peace and love within in myself. Thanks for sharing your insights discovered along lifes journey. This one came at a time that my soul is very thirsty and seemed to not find water. You led me back to my own watering source within.

  2. melody Says:

    I just posted this to my site because I want those who have never read actually see how gorgeous this book is!

  3. Jean Gale Says:

    Thank you for the reminder. You continue to be a wise, wonderful woman & I’m loving your posts!

  4. Lisa Kaser Says:

    Yes. Important to remember and make known to our children. Lovely, Kristine.

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