June 18, 2010

What is it about women? Those who see hurt and lend a hand…those who see pain and lend a shoulder, those who see possibility and commit to a cherished outcome? Where do they come from? How do they know that there is enough for everyone and thrive in generosity?I am surrounded by those women and inspired.

8 Responses to “Inspired”

  1. I am inspired by your post! I am running a contest on my blog site, asking for a Model of Female Leadership, one that shows both strength and grace. You nailed it here. Simply beautiful.

  2. judy Says:

    I would imagine this Photo was evidently taken in the late 1900’s or early 1920’s. I wonder what the picture would look like 10 years later, when the great depression hit…if there were time for such gaiety? I haven’t heard their stories, but I know from my own mother, of the hunger and scarcity in her family. Mother was a serious & pensive. Through the years I have seen a sadness & fear in my husbands mother’s eyes in spite of the “family” she had surrounding her. What pulled them through? I can’t ask either of them, nor can I ask the women in this photo. I imagine they would comment “those were the good ol’ days.

  3. judy Says:

    There! I sound like a wet blanket this morning. But I love your psst “inspired” and the beautiful photo. It has inspired me to write. I might add that mother wasn’t always “pensive” there was laughter, and Dean’s mother had a sense of humor that had no end.

  4. Carol Bernal Says:

    They come on the heels of other women. They come from Mothers, teachers, neighbors who lit a candle during a time of darkness. They came from feeling hope and possibility from the speaking of another- perhaps in their chidhood, perhaps in their adolescence, perhaps as a young woman setting out in business, or as a young bride or Mother, when a kind word of encouragement from a mentor, a sister, a neighbor, a woman at a bus stop, a freind–inspired them with a spark and changed the face of that day, and ultimately grew into a flame that shaped their life. Key lesson here: PAY IT FORWARD>

  5. kristine Says:

    PAY IT FORWARD…thank you all. One of the easiest ways to pay it forward is to offer encouragement to someone. I have made a pact with myself…if someone inspires me, demonstrates grace or kindness, has beautiful skin or eyes that speak volumes…I express my appreciation out loud..right then and there. I don’t keep my positive thoughts to myself. I take a risk and without fail, I have seen a person light up, smile ear to ear, blush and be grateful. I know they will then have a bit extra to share with someone else. A Kind Word, such an easy thing.

  6. judy Says:

    I think one of them is you, Kristine

  7. Cheryl Says:

    As a woman, you know or you can imagine what “she” is going through, how many times did I need somebody just to say “it’s okay, if you want to talk, I’m here”. You are there to listen, to help, to feed her family when she is sick, to take care of her kids, to clean her house, anything “she” needs, regardless of whether or not you really know her. I am there for my oldest female friends and for the ones I have just met or never met. We are each others friends, we are their family, we are there. Nothing is expected, no appreciation required. Just give anything I can to the very youngest to the very oldest, in sad times and to dance and sing with them in the happiest of times. It’s a sisterhood of women, we all belong, we just haven’t all learned that we belong.

  8. barbidoesmiami Says:

    Hi Kristine,
    Thanks for your comment. I love the idea of surrounding yourself with inspired and fearless women. Coincidentally I just posted a blog that originated with a commission by Amy Ferris on a woman who has inspired me, my womentor.

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