We Become What We Think We Are

July 20, 2010

“Pain is a relatively objective, physical phenomenon; suffering is our psychological resistance to what happens. Events may create physical pain, but they do not in themselves create suffering. Resistance creates suffering. Stress happens when your mind resists what is…The only problem in your life is your mind’s resistance to life as it unfolds.”

From The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

2 Responses to “We Become What We Think We Are”

  1. Thank you for this! I have started boot camp recently. You can imagine the pain as I wake up all these comfortable muscles! But now I realize how I have attached “suffering” to it by my subconscious resistance to the change. I feel better already, because I can change my attitude in a second! Happy Day!

  2. Carol Bernal Says:

    All I can say is “Bummer!”- my lingering sentiment from the 60’s.
    There have been times when I am attatched to my suffering, bathing in it, and finishing with a generous appplication of a lotion with the same scent. HA! I have to laugh, but it is so true. My Mother used to say- “It’s a sin to worry-it shows a lack of faith”. I often remember this- but not until after the scent of my suffering bath is barely lingering. I make it a goal to change this- maybe just an occasional sponge bath?

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