July 28, 2010


We’ve all had them.

“You said, that I meant, but you did, and then I wasn’t, you’re wrong and I can’t.”

Sometimes, regardless of how sure we feel that every rock has been over-turned; every possible outcome discussed and contemplated; roadmaps explored, compass readings, GPS and lining up the stars… we find ourselves surprised when we get to the end of the road with another person and well, they aren’t there. Not standing next to you, not a few steps behind. They flat-out aren’t there. So you wait and wait for them to catch up and while you are waiting you notice a wiggly thing way off in the distance, and I’ll be go to hell…there they are, about a bazillion feet off track on a road that you never knew existed.

So as you stand there on your deserted road realizing that all the preparation you did obviously wasn’t enough because you and your companion still ended up on separate paths; you have a couple of choices to consider… (I DO love choices). #1 you could pleasantly wave good-bye to that poor schmuck and just keep heading for your destination. #2 you could start making your way through the prickly brush in the hopes that when they see you coming in their direction, they will do the same and meet you somewhere in the middle. Or #3 you go back to the beginning of the trip, the place you both started and plan and re-plan again in the hopes that this time you will travel more efficiently together.

We base our decisions on how important the outcome/destination is; how much we care about and respect our traveling companion(s); and how we want to feel about ourselves at the end of the trip.

Oh one last point…Money Ruins Everything! Be sure your travel plans include an air tight budget.  “you pay for the gas, I’ll buy the beer and Cheetos…DEAL.”

2 Responses to “Misunderstandings…”

  1. anna powell Says:

    reminds me of France…

  2. Simple, stunning, scary, exciting truth. Misunderstandings are like robes…we get to choose which one/ones to wear…and then cover ourselves for comfort. Thank you for this post. Linda

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