the truth teller

August 8, 2010

there is this woman, hollye dexter, who is a FaceBook wonder. You know the kind. She loves and cares for perfect strangers with authenticity and an extremely generous heart. She is overwhelmed like the rest of us, but she has the guts to say so and ask for help and then extend the help she receives to others in need. You should know her.

This morning her blog is about telling the truth. It moved me to think about my own. So here goes and I hope you are motivated to tell and share and expose yours…We are all in this together and there is unconditional love for just the person you are, flaws and all.

1. I lie about my heighth, still…I am 6′ 1/2 ”

2. I am uncomfortable at parties…I would rather not go, but am so disappointed if I am not invited

3. I spend so much time jiggling the chubby ring around my middle, but do nothing about it.

4. I don’t do money…I don’t like anything that comes close to looking like math.

5. I am afraid no one will come to my funeral…so molly says she’ll put an ad in the obituaries for a free wine tasting…that will bring them in.

6. I think I have been an overbearing  parent

7. I’m not good on the phone, my voice goes up and I talk too much

8. I drink too much coffee

9. I have convinced my husband to let our dog Jack on the bed, now I can’t hardly sleep with out one of them on each side

10. I envy my daughters confidence, beauty, and self-knowledge.

11. I am sure that I love my husband more than he loves me

12. I’m afraid that when I get old I will be exactly like my mother

THAT IS ENOUGH FOR TODAY…NOW, HERE IS HOLLYE’S BLOG FOR THE DAY followed by admissions of truth by Amy Ferris…starting a trutholution!

5 Responses to “the truth teller”

  1. Carol Bernal Says:

    1.I have lost 48 lbs in the past 6 months, 36 of it in the past 8 weeks- and I need to get moving to firm things up or I will be sitting on the tired pillow my ass is becoming.
    2.I went to Juvenile Hall to visit my grandaughter this morning and she wants to go back and live with her permissive Mom again, where there are no rules to guide her. I am sad about it and feeling powerless there.
    3.I hate shaving my legs.
    4.I feel a couple of my sisters(I have 6) are in a competition with me when I am just sharing with them what I am up to.
    5.I have lost a couple of old friends in the last few years-and I believe I am better for letting them go-but the sadness lingers.
    6.I hope in old age to be a lot like my Mother.
    7.I can hardly stand to hear myself whine.
    8.I love a good glass or two of Cabernet.
    9.I am the strongest woman I know, and it can get lonley here.
    10.The bigger the room- the better I work it.
    11.I love a good joke.
    12. I want to change the world- and scary- but I still think I can.

  2. Hollye Dexter Says:

    Your truth only makes you more gorgeous Kristine!
    and by the way I love talking to you on the phone- I think you’re really a great conversationalist. It is a mutual give and take, I hope. I know I feel inspired when I’ve talked to you.

    Thank you so much for your kind words. You and Amy Ferris, and Molly too, serve as the best role models for me, teaching me to stand in my own truth and finally speak up.

    I adore you.
    Happy Birthday beautiful!

  3. melody Says:

    As usual…i just miss you. Reading this makes me want to come over to your house early in the morning…pj’s, no make-up…You open the door to your kitchen..I plop down and we share a cup of coffee and open our hearts and our souls and just talk…About everything. Every fear, Every truth. And just be real.
    Love all these blogs..and oh do I relate…I sooo relate. Several nerves hit on target…
    Ty for sharing..Ty for trusting us…Ty for knowing that to us who read and love and share your blog..You are in safe hands….It all just makes us love you more…

  4. I left my list on Hollye’s blog. Sad thing is, I keep thinking of more and more things. And she said it wouldn’t hurt…

  5. Just catching up with your blogs and here’s an intro for truth by our Hollye…I’m smiling and happy…

    1. I’m often fearful that I’m not funny enough or smart enough or not wearing the right clothes or that I don’t say the right thing…and then other times I feel shamefully brilliant and funny and don’t care what I’m wearing…the human condition…how lucky we are…we all seem to have problems of luxury…

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