Upcoming Women’s Retreat

August 10, 2010

My Friends This is just a save the date notice. Molly and I along with Amy Ferris, author of Marrying George Clooney are collaborating with PEEC to host an incredible womens retreat. There will be other well-known authors, speakers and specialists, along with amazing food, lodging, hikes, meditation, yoga and art exploration. I encourage you to check out PEEC’s website. If you are interested, please send me an email and I will be sure to give you the first heads up when more information is available.


PEEC (Pocono Environmental Education Center) Presents:

Investing In Ourselves

Oct. 24 – 27 2010

We all know that our lives and daily choices are best governed by our
most deeply held values, beliefs and priorities.  Yet there is much to
distract and dilute even our best of intentions.  This glorious
three-day women’s conference offers you the opportunity to reconnect
with that which is most important to you and find new ways to live
that are reflective of who you are and what your value.  This is an
experience dedicated to women’s complete well being, both individually
and collectively.

Gather with other women from around the country for this inspiring
conference in a beautiful and quiet setting where you can reflect,
renew and restore. We have gathered nationally known authors, speakers
and other experts (Like Amy Ferris author of Marrying George Clooney;
Kristine Van Raden & Molly Davis owners of Matters That Matter, and
more) together to provide an insightful and inspiring program about
the things that are vital to women in mid-life. Topics range from
living authentic and meaningful lives, financial well being, the need
for women to move beyond competition and towards mutual support,
completion and collaboration.

Believing that learning can be a collaborative and supportive
experience, offerings will be participatory and introspective,
inspiring and challenging. There will be time to connect with those
around you, and, you will have the opportunity to connect more deeply
with yourself and those things that matter the very most to you.

Here are the websites for speakers thus far and facility.. Space is limited and overall costs for retreat, lodging and meals will be approximately $575.00



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  1. Guys…where are your professional laugh makers??? I’m just saying…my mouth is available.

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