WOMEN LIVING FULLY-Investing in Ourselves

August 16, 2010

Can you imagine what it would be like to be nestled in beautiful, inspiring surroundings, your only goal to rest and indulge in self discovery.  Imagine meeting like-minded women who come prepared to explore the same questions that run through your mind constantly…”Now What?” – “Who Am I?” – “How do I make the most of the life that is ahead of me?” What is it to be a true friend…to have a true friend?” “What matters the most to me at this time in my life?” “How can I  make a difference in the world?” ‘What does success really mean to me?”

PEEC (Pocono Environmental Education Center, Dingman’s Ferry, PA) is holding their  first annual Women’s Retreat,Oct. 24 – 27 2010  They have invited  inspiring authors, experts in their field and speakers who will gather to explore all of those questions and more.  Truth be told, all women share the desire to be more of themselves; more secure, more adventurous, more content in mid-life. It is a time to re-evaluate, renew and recommit to living our lives to the fullest…in essence to live in a way that is reflective of who we authentically are and what we value.

You are invited to participate in an experience that will both inspire you and allow you to inspire others.


Amy Ferris, author of Marrying George Clooney; Confessions from a  Midlife Crisis.  Ms. Ferris is a successful writer/screen writer;  A Greater Goode and wrote the movies “Mr Wonderful” and “Funny Valentines”.
“Amy Ferris has successfully combined a rip-roaringly funny page-turner, with an unvarnished account of the personal history that formed her. This gut-wrenching look at intimate relationships will resonate with readers because of the universality of its raw emotion, clarity of vision, and self-revealing courage. Destined to become a classic of Feminist literature.”
– Marcia G. Yerman, Huffington Post, Writer/Artist/Activist


Kristine Van Raden & Molly Davis, authors of Letters to Our Daughters and co-founders of MATTERS THAT MATTER LLC  “Kristine and Molly have superlative intellect, capacious and tender hearts, and compassionate and forgiving souls. Their diligent and dedicated literary endeavors are a special gift to those of us who really understand the importance of the matters-that matter.” Dr. Les Garfinkel. “Molly and Kristine are excellent presenters, touching the hearts and minds of all who are lucky enough to hear them.” Rancho La Puerta Health Spa Tecate, Mexicowww.mattersthatmatter.com

Monica Holloway, critically acclaimed author of Cowboy and WillsRed Boots and Cole Haans and the memoir Driving With Dead People, described by Newsweek as “unforgettable.”  She contributed to the anthology Mommy Wars, from which her essay was described by Newsday as “brilliant, grimly hilarious.” Monica works with and for the benefit of autistic children and their families…She is a force to be reckoned with.

www. monicaholloway.com

Robyn Hatcher is an actress, writer and communication skills expert. Robyn was so shy as a child, “Shy” was her actual nickname.  Having grown up afraid to speak, taught Robyn a lot about the subtle art of communication. Now she is passionate about helping people express themselves with clarity, confidence and power. – www.SpeakEtc.com

Gregory Ann Cox has been featured on CNN, as well as New York City and San Diego TV programs.Her writing has appeared in Better Homes and Gardens Special Interestpublications, Agency Magazine, Sell!ng Magazine, The New York Time Sunday MagazineFor Women First Magazine, The San Diego Union TribuneHomes of the Hamptons, and others. Her midlife mission is to help women take back their midlife minds and bodies reverse the rates of heart disease and diabetes in Boomer women. She is a certified life Coach from Coach Training Alliance. www.midlifewithavengence.com

Amy Litzenberger is a real champion of women ‘investing in their own lives’ on many levels: spiritually, emotionally, personally, and financially. Since graduating from Vassar, and receiving an MBA in Finance from NYU, she has worked in the financial investment world, raised two extraordinary boys, and has managed to understand fully – through her expertise – that women struggle with money because we struggle with our own value.  

Hollye Fisher is freelance writer, blogger and author of a soon-to-be-released memoir. She founded two nonprofit organizations, running arts programs for teenagers in the Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems. In 2004 she received the Agape Spirit award from Dr. Michael Beckwith (from “The Secret”) for her work with at-risk youth. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children.




2 Responses to “WOMEN LIVING FULLY-Investing in Ourselves”

  1. Lisa Kaser Says:

    This sounds wonderful! I wish you an amazing retreat. Terrific things are bound to happen!

  2. barbidoesmiami Says:

    I know PEEC well and its a beautiful environment for this retreat AND the speakers sound amazing, I highly recommend, wish I could be there but I will be in Miami, unfortunately…

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