Which Comes First The Chicken or the Egg by Amy Ferris

August 27, 2010

About this Blog: Amy is brilliant, savvy, well read andspeaks the truth. She hit this one right on the head!!!www.marryinggeorgeclooney.comAmy Ferris is the author of “Marrying George Clooney: Confessions of a Midlife Crisis”.This blog continues in the same vein as her book — to support and encourage women to fulfill their greatness: to be bold, audacious, extraordinary and beautiful.

which comes first, chicken or egg?

August 26th, 2010 — 4:20pm

okay, so, between the 400 million egg recall slash possible salmonella outbreak & the incorrect inflammable information – the virulent hatred & madness – over the “world trade center” mosque…

this is a short blog.
a to the point blog.

i think palin & beck & limbaugh & the tea partiers & the right-wing nuts & the whole mess of them should take responsibility for the fact that they are igniting a massive fire in this country filled with fear & hate & anger & intolerance & it is fucking unacceptable.

it is unacceptable.

a man was driving his cab, something has he done for over 20 years, he picked up a passenger was hailing a cab, the passenger got into the cab, and after a few blocks asked the cab driver if he was a muslim, the cab driver said yes, and then he was brutally horrifically attacked.

a hate crime. a violent horrific hate crime.

it’s not the eggs people, it’s all the fucking chickens who are walking around without their fucking heads.

One Response to “Which Comes First The Chicken or the Egg by Amy Ferris”

  1. Cathlene Says:

    Amy, I fucking agree with you …

    However, I am unclear on how we stop this madness …
    I can and do fight it when I see or hear it in my own life …

    But most the time I feel helpless when I read and hear about it. …

    Any and all suggestions are welcome …

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