You Are Not Your Hot Flash! By Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

September 9, 2010

 Mature women singing spending time remembering yet still making new plans deciding what is healthy what is worthy of the dance at hand. She turns around seeing days have slipped by pauses reflects on mistakes reflects on the positives as well. She grows into understanding her own person her own song. She turns around listens for the orchestra yes it is still playing and she sings: I am not music without lyrics I am a woman of substance. I have thoughts that I pursue that speak volumes age has brought me knowledge. I have lists of things I’ve learned. I embrace my worth and no longer fear saying so. I am not a hot flash sweaty without warning that is just a symptom of change. ‘Tis true I was feeling so fresh pretty even then my body reminded me that I am human I am a woman and I say, yes! Aging? Yes. And yet… I stand steady looking toward possibility. Ohh yes! Ready to understand my inner being better? Oh yes indeed. I am not music without lyrics I am the song I always knew I could be. I am the dance I dream of. I am an artist one who creates be it cookies or a garden of flowers be it paintings that line the walls of beautiful older women galleries. I create be it a gratitude journal blogs on line I continue on and feel my own worth. Mature women? Keep singing continue on they create their own lyrics. They know the song they understand the tune because it has become them and it becomes them beautifully.

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