In Honor of Gold Star Moms Everywhere

September 11, 2010

Gold Star Mom Speaks Out:

 I was living what I thought was an ordinary life. I had raised my only child on my own and I was enjoying watching him make his way through this world successfully and happily. On May 30, 2004, Ken was killed in a war that I never supported brought to this country by an administration I never supported. While many people say that casualties in Iraq have been relatively low, any number more than zero was too many for this war. Very few people have actually met a Gold Star Mom. It is important that people know what it feels like to be in my situation. I know not all Gold Star Moms feel as I do, I speak for myself, no one else. You cannot or do not want to imagine the process that the military goes through when a soldier is killed in combat, or any other situation. This is not a journey that any family should have to make. Ever. Welcome to my world.

2 Responses to “In Honor of Gold Star Moms Everywhere”

  1. Dearest Gold Star Mom…
    You GS moms are the bravest people I know…going thru life without a part of your heart…this post should be on the front page of every newspaper…SO SOMEONE IN CHARGE WILL PAY ATTENTION! So people share their outrage…I’M SHARING MY OUTRAGE!!!!

  2. Molly Says:

    Thank you for your courage, grace and willingness to speak out and work tirelessly on behalf of so, so many. I am 100% in agreement that this was and is a war that has cost more than it can ever achieve. I too did not support either the war, nor the administration that brought it upon us. I pray for the courage of this administration to use all of their power to end this war and work towards understanding and tolerance and peace and goodness for all.
    I appreciate you more than I can say.

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