October 14, 2010

“Visualize Whirled Peas”?

Today, I was out running a zillion errands that included handing canned food to a myriad of folks standing in harm’s way on highway on-ramps. Their signs could be a book…a story behind each picture. “Will work for food; homeless in need of gas money; wounded vet needs help; HUNGRY; my dog and I will eat whatever you give us!

I noticed that the ancient, rusty truck in front of me was wearing a myriad of bumper sticker like a bunch of Band-Aids…. Band-Aids earned in a moment of playing Truth or Dare…badges of honor, personal beliefs and moments of outrage. There was; Sarah Palin Is A Coffee Drinker; Obama Inherited This Shit; If you can read this tee-shirt the bitch fell off (should have been on a motorcycle I suppose); VISUALIZE WHIRLED PEAS.

I appreciate that there are people who can find humor in the incredible mess we are in. That in spite of heightened security around the world, the horrors laid out on the 6:00 o’clock news, there are those who can take the fear and challenge it with their hope and passion for all the world to see.

If we allow ourselves to be completely overwhelmed by the state of the world, then we surrender our effectiveness. If our hearts and souls are hopeless with grief we are less than capable of identifying the signs around us, the Band Aid’s earned in fights well fought, those truly in need of help, support and encouragement.

Carry cans of food and be generous with them….WAG MORE, BARK LESS


  1. Yes- Kindness in the face of fear and uncertainty….the best possible response. I’m so glad to be friends with you and Molly. I love people who think the way you do. xoxo

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