As good As it Gets

December 29, 2010

another year bites the dust.

it came and went and took with it jobs, homes, sons and daughters.

there has been grief and hopelessness, anxiety and fear. 2010 will be a year to remember…a year that felt like not only did Mercury not rise when it should have, it crashed and burned and limped into the repair shop with a diagnosis of total loss.

so here comes another chance…on the heels of one test after another…here comes another chance. will this year be better, more lucrative for “the american people”…will it bring soldiers home and reunite families…will it bring jobs and stability and health care for those who have none? will it offer more kindness and understanding for those children who often feel ostracized and different?

truthfully, it will be what it is…another year; another chance to exercise the best of us…another year to care for others in greater need than ourselves…It will be another opportunity to forgive. It will be what every year that has come before it will be…

It will be as good as it gets.

each year, each month, each day, each moment we get to choose what to do with the circumstances around them…what to do with our friends, families, co-workers. we get to create the life we live inside ourselves regardless of the chaos happening around us.

there is little we can control…god knows i’ve tried. once again, in this new year, in this new opportunity, welcome the chance to experience it all and with as much grace as you can muster….because my friends, that is as good as it gets.

gracious thoughts and deeds in the new year

3 Responses to “As good As it Gets”

  1. As good as it gets! You are so right. Another way to say might be “as good as it is”. Dealing with what comes our way and then also realizing that we are attracting the people, the lessons, the get-ups, and the fall downs—-supposedly, all for our own good. Another growth opp. Surely in 2011 there will be an app for these opps. In the meantime, some days, ‘ya just gotta say “What?????” And, to the others, “Whatever!!”

  2. so true Kristine.
    Years like 2010 really drive home the point that we have no control over what comes to us, only how we choose to react to it.
    This year tested our faith, our patience, our endurance.
    But man oh man did it strengthen our support circle and friendships.

    And on another note…I never followed chinese astrology before, but I just read that 2010 was the year of the Tiger ( ROAR! Ferocious!) and Feb 3rd begins the year of the Rabbit ( soft and cuddly). I like that.

  3. It gets better – then it gets worse – and then it’s fabulous – and then horrible – like that!

    So I am wishing you both many more fabulouses than crappies – and that you can start more days with a smile – and end more days feeling joy…
    Lovingly, Linda

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