IF YOU DON’T, Then I Can’t…

January 6, 2011

Raise your hand if you are a giver? One who gives out of your abundance, or from your lack thereof? Doesn’t matter, you give and give and give some more. You cheat your self when there is not enough food to go around; you drink the cheap wine so everybody else can have the good stuff; you give your new clothes to your daughter before they reach the hanger or have the tags removed; give up the front seat; give up time and resources, energy and peace of mind so that those around you are more comfortable…happier…content…safe and sound. Not really a big deal; not really a choice, just a lifestyle.

Well I say BRAVO…you are in good company with most of the females on the planet…

The other day I needed help…not lots, just a skosh….a ride, a snack, an open door. Could I ask…NO NO NO.

Fortunately I was in the company of my surest of SURES; truest of Trues, safest of Safes!

“if you don’t ask me, then I can’t ask you..and If I don’t ask  you , you will go stark raving mad. Here is a chance to save your own sanity.”

Okay, I need a ride.



One Response to “IF YOU DON’T, Then I Can’t…”

  1. SUCH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR FEMALES…of any age and any height/weight …we give it away easily – because we’re good – and we we’re even “gooder” we’ll give more. Done. But ASKING for help of any kind isn’t in our DNA – we have to work on it.

    I needed emotional support for a new project by Jimini – and I picked up the telephone. Even though it weighed 6,000 pounds – I picked it up and dialed – what did I get? How about such love and support that when I hung up I was flying…i’m just saying…

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