January 20, 2011

The fear that stops you.

You know when you stumble on to a great idea? Or maybe a surge of confidence, or a step in the direction of your god given gifts…and no sooner are you filled to the brim with possibilities than a dark and damp whisper begins at the very bottom of your soul.

“Who do you think you are; you are ridiculous; everyone will laugh at you; you will never make any money; somebody better will do it and make you look foolish; what have you done to deserve something this good!”

Sound familiar?

I have these amazing human beings in my life. Some as close as a good walk; others a plane, train or automobile trip away. They have inspired me, taught me, loved me, saved me. In their presence I know I am in the company of greatness.

And yet they often struggle with their own greatness; find it hard to move, to carry on, to go forth and change the world as they know they are called to do. They give in to the dark damp voice of DOUBT.

If you believe in evil or not…does it make any sense that just when a magnificent human being is about to make a step forward that will make the world a better place, bring light, hope and encouragement to others, that “evil” says, Hell NO and perhaps uses that dark whisper to stop you in your tracks? End of hope…end of light…end of possibilities.

Time to listen to another voice…one that says…”I can be afraid and hold still, do nothing and live with this fear, or I can hear the voice for what it is and say, Hell Yes?

I choose for them and I choose for me and I choose for you…HELL YES!



6 Responses to “HELL YES!!!”

  1. Priscilla Christenson Says:

    The timing of this wonderful, encouraging post could not have been more perfect for me—-feeling like a “voice of one” in one of life’s small battles over a small park near my house. THANK YOU for the encouraging words at just the right time! Priscilla

  2. Madge Woods Says:

    I long ago gave up in total giving. At 62 it is all about me and what I want to do. I say no now and am happy with that decision. I have no more guilt and love it. Thanks goodness I started this in my late 40’s making the 50’s and now 60’s the best years ever. Spending my kids inheritance faster than ever and really taking care of myself. They are all for it as well but, I wouldn’t care if they weren’t. Follow your path and dream your dreams and don’t let anyone distract you.

  3. I’m down with you sisters…HELL YES!

  4. Barb Bell Says:

    I remember years ago my mom used to say “you aren’t going to do that are you?” It was usually in response to some crazy idea I had.

    My response was “well nobody’s going to do it for me”. Off I went- joined the Navy, flew jets and traveled the world.

    I have a new life now, retired from the Navy, spending time with my kids and am
    finding my new path. Haven’t quite figured it out yet. But when I do, I’ll have to remember the response I gave to my mom years ago.

    Thanks for reminding me to say … Hell yes! That is what I am going to do.

  5. Lisa Kaser Says:

    Courage to do for ourselves is a never-ending cause! A daily reminder is needed as it is easy to be pulled in all directions or forget what we have accomplished and question our longing for new dreams and how to embark on them… this is a great posting. Thank you!

  6. Pam Johnson Says:

    Loved your post and I just shared it with four friends who were “witnesses” for me today as I legally changed my name. And because the changing of one’s name is an occasion best celebrated with wine, we did just that. And then we talked a whole bunch about where we were, how we got there, where we’re going next (some of us knew, some of us didn’t). That kind of stuff. The common theme? Trust Only Movement. Even if you’re afraid and even if it turns out to be in the wrong direction. Keep moving. Keep getting up. And keep supporting eachother as we all find our way. It’s a gift Molly and Kristine give every day!

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