Can’t Help But Think…

March 12, 2011

Can’t Help But Think…We’ve Done This

by Kate Van Raden

As I spend the last 17 hours watching reports of the earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunamis all over the globe, I can’t help but ask myself…have we done this?!

My immediate response to any emotion-filled situation, comes out best in verse:


We dance the way we’d like to think the world will turn,

Our shoulders sway above our hips, convictions burn

Our soles pound out the earth and shake the plates

Our spirits light bonfires underneath our fates

The mountains quiver, grasping tightly to their roots

The rabbits shudder coldly in their boots

Serpents coil down beneath the cracks

We nomads lash our legacies upon our backs

Grizzlies cower sheepish in their caves

The earth is weeping now in hurricanes and waves

The ocean tucks its skirts and heads for land

So the darkness now descends upon the son of man

4 Responses to “Can’t Help But Think…”

  1. Breathtaking Beauty of Words formed from the cracks and flow of a Natural Disaster.

  2. barbidoesmiami Says:

    While emptying the dish washer this morning, CNN going in the back ground, I thought to myself; What do we do to wake someone up? We shake ’em, first gently then harder and then, if they still don’t wake up, we really rock them.
    Quite possibly they dream at that moment of an earth quake. Its time we, homo (not so) sapiens, wake up to ourselves and start taking care of our impact on mother earth…..

  3. Madge Woods Says:

    Kate, I always admire someone who can write such beautiful prose as it is something I just can’t do. Your words are beautiful and I can feel your spirit inside them. Beautiful blog to wake up to this morning.

  4. Thank you for your heart, I sit quietly in reverent silence as my soul embraces your words.

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