“Day Break” poem

March 21, 2011

Day Break

April 14, 2010 by Kate Van Raden

“Day Break” poem

Steam rises off my soggy skin
And tumbles through the air
A sigh escapes from deep within
And weaves through tangled hair
The morning creeps across the earth
Song birds bathe in dew
I watch the day break’s painful birth
And all I think about is you.
The world begins again today
I sit and watch it start
Sun rays split the stony gray
And warm my frozen heart
Sleeping bumbles wake to life
They stretch their glossy wings
I’m reminded that we all have wings
And dreams and precious things…

3 Responses to ““Day Break” poem”

  1. daddy david Says:

    what a beautiful picture you paint. it is probably a perfect expression of your thoughts at the time. you are beautiful through and through.
    Uge love, DD

  2. clementine Says:

    the image of morning painfully being birthed is amazing. there is no much beauty and energy that goes into starting each new day…it can be painful and exhilarating. thank you goddess of poetry…

  3. A broken heart can be magnificent! Thank you.

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