What a Friend We Have In…

March 31, 2011

What a Friend We Have In……….

This morning I had a revelation, a vision, an insight, an aha!  Lately I have become aware, I guess you could say acutely aware, of the amount of time I spend spinning stories about myself, to myself.  Stories about how I don’t like the me I see in the mirror.  She isn’t as cute as she once was.  Not as trim and fit as in times gone by – like oh, say, high school.  She doesn’t seem to measure up to the image of what an almost 60 something broad should be.  She should be smarter, more accomplished, funnier, happier, stronger, richer.  More articulate, more at peace, wiser, sexier, more flexible, more fashionable, more…. well…everything.  Today, as I wrote about her, I began to see that in the telling of these stories I was actually loathing and despising a precious friend.  That friend has been with me since I showed up on the scene.  She as been with me every step of the way.  When I was lonely, she was there by my side.  When I was in pain, she didn’t leave because it was too hard to watch.  When I fucked up, she hung in there with me.  She has walked a million miles in my shoes, and understands what life looks like through my eyes. I think it is time that I started treating her like the cherished, loyal, committed, loving friend that she is.  It is time to get to know her, love her, honor her, play with her, and rely on her.  I have a cherished tribe of people who I love and that love me back.  But, no matter who else is by my side at the end of this trip, the one who has always been there, through thick and thin, will be the only one left when the curtain goes down.  What a friend!

Does she sound like anyone you know?


8 Responses to “What a Friend We Have In…”

  1. Funny that we all have that same mirror! Now the question is – who is behind that mirror trying to take our friend away – Us? Old tapes? A combo platter…..anyway thank you again Kristine for this gorgeous piece.

  2. melody Says:

    Indeed she does..
    Isnt it funny..that no one..no one I ever encounter in my life will likely to ever be as critical, as cruel, as picky about me..as me. This blog hits a nerve…a very very raw one..
    and doesnt it all get back to “if you dont love yourself……”
    I think you are spot on..its time to appreciate, to love, to cherish, to praise, to worship , and to forgive…my oldest friend.

  3. Maxee Says:

    “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all”…………
    YOU ARE my gorgeous friend, inside and out. Never! never! never! doubt it.
    Thank you for such a beautiful piece. And yes we women need to be often reminded that we are ‘enough’. Even better than ‘enough’, we’re frickin’ FANTASTIC!!
    Sending Hugs & Love

  4. hannahkozak Says:

    Our negative ego likes to pretend she’s our friend! Thank you. love this.

  5. So beautifully written and meaningful for all of us. I am soon going to be at my high school reunion after 47 years. I’m sure we are all looking into the same mirror, hearing the same voice, yet wanting to fully embrace who has been patiently waiting for us to have that realization.

    Did I ever mention that my daddy, blind from birth, used to tell me, “Honey, don’t worry about me. You sighted people are the ones who are handicapped. You all spend so much time judging everything, especially yourself.”

    Thank you for your reminder, sweet Kristine.

  6. So precious. So true. Sometimes we need these reminders — thank you!!

  7. Gay Kane Says:

    You are absolutely right on, and it is perfect timimg for me! I have been spending entirely too much time beating myself up. That is so unfair. Thanks, Kristine, for enlightening me…making my day!! xoxo Gay

  8. You are gorgeous. Inside and out. Period.
    ..and your friend is pretty cute, too.

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