Willing to Hurt by Molly Davis

April 7, 2011

It seems that lately, I just can’t stop crying.  Pain is everywhere.  Sadness abounds, and grief is abundant. It just seems to be a very, very, very real part of life.  In fact there are days, weeks, months where it seems to be the central character in my story.  It isn’t that I have a sad life, or even that I have experienced an abundance of personal tragedy.  But there is, no doubt about it, a very deep well filled with heartache.

The funny thing is, I don’t think that this is a bad thing.  Not that I love to cry until I can’t see or breathe, nor do I look forward to the days that pain and sorrow fill my heart till I think I might actually die.  But I have come to believe that pain has a purpose.  It can, if I let it, become the doorway to compassion and kindness, love and tenderness.  As I sit with the hurt, and just let it wash over me, I am able to understand that this is part of what makes each of us human, and, that it is part of the richness of life. It makes it possible for me to see, understand and connect to the hurt in those around me.  And hopefully it helps me to sit with them in the midst of their pain.

There have been times when I have done everything I could to avoid the hurt.  I have tried to buy my way out of it, redecorate it, medicate it, sleep it way, sweat it out, and just plain pretend that it wasn’t there.  But it is.  The truth is, I live with a hole in my heart. I think we all do.  It comes from past regrets, choices that we would give anything to take back, unexpected loss, wounds inflicted by others, and the shadowy glimpses of what is no longer possible.  Some days the other part of my heart, that part that is whole, and strong beats louder.  And other days,the sound gets sucked into that hole, and I follow it right down into the depths.  I’ve quit trying to hide from it, because it is all part of the heart that is mine.  Trying to have one without the other is like trying to separate the waves from the ocean.

I am absolutely not a poet.  Never have been, and most likely never will be.  But years ago, sitting in my college dorm room, lonely, homesick and heartbroken, the one and only poem I have ever written came spilling out.  It seems that even back then, at some level far, far below my consciousness, I understood that pain was important.  Here is what I wrote;

Pain and love go hand in hand

One often leading the other

But the led need not struggle against the leader

For they both travel to the same place

They go to the clear, bittersweet pool of human experience

Where each may drink freely from one cup

Having once looked into such waters

one will never again settle for the cloudy, shallow pools of comfort,

which do not reflect, but simply swallow the reflection

When you seek love

look also for pain

and welcome it

that you too may drink deeply.


7 Responses to “Willing to Hurt by Molly Davis”

  1. Oh Molly – thank you – you’ve just put a voice to the “love” and “care” part of the heart. Sometimes I think our hearts need to be cleaned out – the tenderness of that main muscle is freer after the tears. I’m hearing self-care and self- acceptance…..lovingly, linda

  2. Carol Says:

    What wisdom you had at such a young age! Thank you for sharing. I just happened to write a similar blog post a couple of weeks ago, after an actual hole in my heart was found!
    Peace and Love to you!

  3. While I’m sad to hear that you are going through a sad time, I will also wholeheartedly agree that pain is essential to making us better people. If you examine it, meditate on it, and ultimately try and heal it. Every one of my most painful experiences has delivered something of worth to my Self. xo

  4. Gorgeous. I agree that we have to embrace pain as part of the human experience. As Rumi said, when sorrows come to visit, invite them in to sweep your house clean. (I’m paraphrasing) I’ve just been swept clean for about a year, and whew….what an experience.

    Thank God we all have each other and know we aren’t walking through darkness alone.

    My arms are around you and Kristine.

  5. my darling friend…a true measure of friendship…honest, bold and daring friendship is to be vulnerable. you do that with amazing grace and in doing so extend true friendship to countless others….

  6. Carol Donohue Says:

    Molly- this is truly beautiful- from college to the cabin- beautiful. I am so inspired by the strength of my dearest friends to show their perceived “weaknesses” as the brilliant flowers that make up the crown a life well lived.

    There is a film “All the Mornings of the World”-many years old–a French film with subtitles, starring Gerard Depardieux- I highly recommend it to be added to your netflicks list as a look at how one must experience pain to become a master in life.

  7. hannahkozak Says:

    Your writing is beautiful. I believe there is nowhere to hide from our pain. Like you say, trying to redecorate it or sweat it out. G-d knows I’ve tried all that. Finally sitting still long enough to feel it is the only way through it. Thank you Molly. And your poem is lovely as well.

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