September 6, 2011

Your breath flows through me

breaking every bone,

ending every sentence…

I’m falling up now, as through water.

Head, then shoulders

collar bones filled with sand;

Tiny stones splitting my skin.

and I’m sinking

sinking, sinking upward.

What a perfect manner in which to stow away an epic;

deep into a dusty corner on your lowest shelf,

along with all your classics.

The sea echoes in my chest

slow, undulating waves wash away the land.

Somewhere in the lazy, hazy days of summer

my ‘self’ slipped from me.

It was replaced with the callouses on your hands

with your humming in the shower,

your furrowed brow reading the morning news;

your favorite ice cream, your fears, your sleep talking

you, you, you.

and gone, myself, whom I’ve traded to have you


7 Responses to “Tempest”

  1. Lisa Kaser Says:

    Perfectly lovely, Kate. Love the notion of sinking up. Nice piece.

  2. Molly Says:

    Breath taking…. truly.

  3. madgesw Says:

    So wonderful to read.

  4. wordvein Says:

    she never fails to move the soul…what a gift!

  5. Breathtakingly beautiful!

  6. I love the sensation and possibilities of “falling up” and “sinking up.” We do seem to slip away from ourselves, don’t we. But communities help us find our way back.

    (Glad Kristine stopped by my site today – delighted to have discovered all of you.)

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