Night Vision

October 6, 2011

There are times, when darkness is all there is. When I hold my weary hand up in front of my face, there is nothing there…no light, no hope, no relief. I panic. I want there to be light. I want an answer, a reprieve, a savior. I hate the feeling of being immobilized and stopped. I have stuff to do, things to get accomplished, people to serve and lives to save. I cannot afford to waste my time in the dark, accomplishing nothing. And yet…there it is. It wraps around me like thick fog on a San Francisco morning. No matter how hard I strain to see through it, nothing changes….

So I have no choice but to give in, surrender to the stillness of it all. Waiting for light, knowing I cannot hurry it. Do I feel helpless? Yes! Then I start to feel acceptance; really what else is there when you cannot change what is.  I cannot force the sun to come up it does what it does of it’s own accord. I must wait. While I am waiting, can I rest? Can I rest enough to gather energy for what is ahead? Certain animals hypernate…maybe that’s what this is. Maybe allowing for this time of inactivity I am insuring my strength for what surely is to come. My willingness to sit in the dark is my offering to the light that is inevitable.






3 Responses to “Night Vision”

  1. Lori Landau Says:

    well, I can assure you that even if you can’t see anything in the dark right now, you’re not alone. I’m exactly where you said right now too. only I forgot the part about surrendering. thank you for the reminder. I’ll meet you back in the light soon, I hope. until then, maybe look for me with your inner eye and I’ll look for you with mine and we will both be stronger for it. xo

  2. So perfectly drawn – describing exactly what I am presently experiencing. I can now close my eyes and wait for the light. Thank you.

  3. wordvein Says:

    so true, so necessary, so profound…I know how much this means and helps give comfort to any and all of us in our darker times to find the light ❤

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