Just One Thing

August 27, 2014


Just One Thing by Molly Davis

The other evening I had a small gathering of women from our little town. No agenda. Nothing special on our minds except to have some time together on a beautiful evening. As the sky grew darker, the lights still up from our daughter’s glorious outdoor wedding last month glowed above us and out into the nearby pines. Night sounds floated in on the cooling night air; cows in the distance, evening bird song, a few dogs barking and then the sweetly eerie cry of a coyote. It was a time of ease, space and grace.

I had decided to make the evening simple. No big production of food or even cleaning up. I think I swept the floor before they came…but I’m not sure. I made my favorite popcorn concoction which includes butter (lots), salt (plenty) and big flake brewers yeast (enough). That and a couple of bottles of wine and the Piano Guys on my iPad. 

We’ve all been talking about the importance of connecting and spending time with other women.

There is magic that happens when women gather.

The conversation settled into an easy rhythm, threaded together by a common theme; the importance of living authentically and fully,finding purposeful work that uses our gifts, fills us up and does a bit of good in the world. While we all are living in the midst of different chapters and circumstances, the same thoughts and questions seemed to be coursing through our veins. Somewhere along the way, one of the women read a poem she brought to share. “Wild Geese” by Mary Oliver, reminding us that we all have a place “…in the family of things.” We all took home a copy. And then I asked a question, “What is one thing you feel called to do right now?” No further explanation was needed, as I knew that every women on that porch had the answer within. It was a matter of trusting what she heard and bringing it out in the open to consider. After living for 60 years, if I know one thing to be true, it is that we each have an inner GPS. There are a ton of other voices, maps and directions that vie for space on our radar screens. Tuning into the one that is ours is the trick. And, it is one that even the oldest of dogs can learn. Trust me on that.

One by one we answered, each in our own time. And it was true, we all knew what that one thing was.

Make an appointment with the life coach whose name and number has been quietly waiting on her desk.

Get out those pencils she bought a month ago and start drawing.

Begin journaling to excavate the creative work that lies beneath her surface.

Keep on writing that book. Everyday.

Spend time in quietness, just listening.

Just one thing.

It is how any and everything begins.

What is just one thing you know you are called to do today?


7 Responses to “Just One Thing”

  1. David Says:

    This is lovely…equally gentle and strong, soft and hard, both welcoming and a good hard push. Thank you.

  2. lovely…those simple matters that make such a difference

  3. Priscilla Christenson Says:

    Dearest Molly,
    This lovely piece made my throat tight, recalling another special weekend at your home from long ago…it was a pivotal weekend for me, along with the wisdom and grace of the equally lovely Kristine, that changed my life forever….and I feel a forever bond that never fades. Priscilla

    • Molly Says:

      Pricilla. Thank you for your lovely words. We touch one another’s lives and are never the same… that is the miracle. Blessings upon blessings.

  4. Carol Donohue Says:

    Oh –
    my cowgirl in the snow globe of the heavens- how powerful is the space where we meet to exchange our love and respect for each other through the celebration of ideas ! You have made your homestead a hollowed ground by opening it to these experiences. I love you …and miss you so much it hurts! Thank you for coming into my space with this reminder of faith and friendship. I am standing in a meteor shower of memories!.

  5. Molly Says:

    Thank you dear Carol. Love and miss you. You have taught me much about paying attention to inner GPS.

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