Please join us…

October 30, 2014

We are beginning to engage more in our Matters That Matter work including a couple of writing projects that have us inspired and energized, speaking and scheduling workshops… and we also are beginning to post regularly on our blog (about once a week). Our intent is simply to offer encouragement and support for readers to connect more closely with what and who they care about, and live more closely in synch with their most genuine selves.

If you are like us, there is so much “incoming” – information, blogs, emails, videos, social networking etc etc… so we are working to provide content that will support and encourage, not burden. We would love for you to subscribe to our blog and add to the conversation as you feel led. Together we are better. Share it with others if you find that it will benefit them as well. And if this sounds like one more thing to add to your to-do list… then hit delete asap with our blessings!

Thank you for letting us even ask.

With gratitude and blessings.

Molly & Kristine



10 Responses to “Please join us…”

  1. Priscilla Christenson Says:

    You two lovely souls are forever a part of my true being…please keep connected forever!!! 💗

  2. Gina pafundi Says:

    You mentioned workshops…. Will you have any in the Portland area?

  3. Molly Davis Says:

    Thank you Pricilla. What a blessing to have crossed paths with you… It was no accident!!

  4. amy ferris Says:

    i so deeply love you both…. thrilled to pieces.

  5. Molly Davis Says:

    Bless you Amy Ferris… you are nothing short of a miraculous and precious gem.

  6. Gay Kane Says:

    Priscilla and I are yearning for another “soul” gathering! You ladies are so encouraging and inspiring for us!

    • Molly Davis Says:

      Thank you Gay. We feel the same way. Another gathering is in the works…. Blessings

      • gay kane Says:

        Awesome!! That would make us sooo happy! Looking forward to seeing you again, plus learning more about ourselves and our places in thils world! We will be waiting for more info! Thanks so much!,

  7. Gay Kane Says:

    Any news on a retreat in our future???!!!

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