Teachers All Around

March 13, 2015

 Christmas 06- July 07 223

Photo by Tom Pierson

What if there are teachers all around us?


Ann Lamott reminds us that perhaps for the time we have here, we are enrolled in what she refers to as ” Earth School”.


Perhaps some teachers are more apparent than others, but I am wondering if that has more to do with my awareness and willingness to notice rather than the teacher’s willingness to appear.  Recently I decided to turn my awareness to the teachers that show up in ordinary yet unlikely places.  What could I learn from them? For instance, today I passed a florist shop on the way to the gym with a sign that read, “Get Your Spring On”.  While meant to entice passersby to stop and purchase a bouquet of flowers to brighten their desk, or a flat of flowers to plant in pots, I heard a message beyond the marketing. It offered to teach me if I let it.

Spring is that season of the year coming after the dark of winter and before the long days of summer.  It is the time when the seeds which have lain quietly dormant in dark earth begin to appear above ground.  With the arrival of this new season come the conditions necessary for new life and growth to spring forth, showing the first tender shoots of the full grown plant that is to come.  It is the time when the new bud becomes the leaf which will provide food for the tree. The presence of light and rain are, in part, what inspire the new life of spring.

What do we need to get our spring on?  What is necessary to call forth that which has been lying in wait, preparing to show itself to a waiting world?  What is the energy source that will power the sunlight necessary for the seeds that we’ve sewn to grow?  From what well will water come to sustain what wants come to life in our lives?

Spring is here.

Let’s get it on!

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