Molly & Kristine are co-authors of the internationally published book, Letters to Our Daughters. Their beautiful book, featured on the Oprah Show, is a collection of letters from women to their daughters. It illustrates the common threads that connect us as human beings in the midst of our differences. They have inspired audiences across the country with their challenging, insightful and relevant message. Molly Davis is a successful corporate trainer. A gifted teacher, she combines practical strategies and real life stories with humor and heart. Kristine Van Raden is an accomplished professional artist & writer.  A masterful storyteller, her artistic insight brings depth, compassion and creativity to their program experience.


23 Responses to “About The Authors”

  1. jingle Says:

    How Happy I am 2 C U smiling Faces,

  2. kristine Says:

    Jingle – Thanks for stopping by. I will do the same.

  3. Les Garfinkel Says:

    Kristine and Molly have superlative intellect,capacious and tender hearts, and compassionate and forgiving souls. Their diligent and dedicated literary endeavors are a special gift to those of us who really understand the importance of the matters-that matter.

  4. Debbie Darrin Says:

    Looks like your cruising into the high tech world! Welcome and I look forward to keeping up with your continued manifestations of intentions!

  5. wendy thompson Says:

    Is this how to subscribe? I didn’t see a subscribe button

  6. B/ Says:

    Looks like you are “acknowledging the fear and stepping over it”.

  7. Candice Shuman Says:

    Nice to hear about this. Will share it with others. Candice

  8. anna powell Says:

    I checked the notify me of new posts via-email a couple of days ago…. keeping my fingers crossed

  9. Linda Merrell Patterson Says:

    Yo, Yo. Loud and clear JRP

  10. anna powell Says:

    Molly & Kristine,

    I’m so happily filled to the brim….

    Your retreat last weekend was beyond what I’d hoped for. You’re both such brave, authentic women — a dynamic pair who made all of us feel so welcome and COMFORTABLE to just be ourselves.

    To also receive Amy Ferris’ book, Marrying George Clooney, well what a topping!

    THANK YOU with all my heart,
    Anna Powell

  11. Gay Kane Says:

    Kristine & Molly………..where do I begin?? Icame away from our retreat so fulfilled, relaxed, renewed, and thrilled to be part of such a loving, compassionate,honest, and understanding group of women who were so helpful and sensitive to the emotional needs of us all. You,most of all,were so gracious, and kind to us and each other that I found you to be awesome role models for female friendship. I came with a relationship problem with someone toxic to my well-being, and got the strenth and resolve to end it. I have been steadfast in that resolve since I came home. I am so ready for another retreat! Thank you for all that you facilitated for me personally. I feel greatful to have gotten to spend such quality time with you both!

  12. Gay Kane Says:

    AND…………BY THE WAY!!!!!……………..the meals you prepared for us were sooooooooooo yummy!! The handmade, homemade food was an important factor in the overall comfort you provided us. Thank you again, ever so much, for it ALL!! P.S. Thanks for encouraging me to go braless as well as for our “jammies” day. Love you both, Gay

  13. elizabeth Says:

    Thanks to you I discovered MGC…what a book!
    I am able to look at my mom now with a little more compassion.

  14. Thanks Cindy for sharing this with us. It is a message that truly reflects the matters that matter.

  15. Sarah Says:

    My sweet mothers, what pride your family truly feels to be witnessing you each recieving the accolades and support that has been well deserved. I am happy to share the love I have for the two of you with the world. God knows it could use your grace, compassion and amazing sense of humor.
    With all my love,

  16. Wonderful site…just love it!!!!!

  17. judy Says:

    “Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life… Therein “she” cannot be replaced, nor can “her” life be repeated. Thus, everyone’s task is as unique as is “her” specific opportunity to implement it.” ~ Viktor Frankl from “Wo” Man’s Search for Meaning

    Molly and Kristine, You know who you are!

  18. Carol Bernal Says:

    I am so blessed to really know you both…and inspired beyond measure by your willingness to jump without a net again and again- what a daring adventure!

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