Soldiering On

April 12, 2011

Once upon a time, not long ago, a trial of unmeasurable proportion descended upon my people. A spirit of darkness over came and defeated one of the clans most treasured. Unfathomable despair ensued. So great was the pain that it lay waste each loved one as they stood guard hoping to fight the encroaching evil.

Soon, each suffered…each felt despair that could not be overcome. As one who championed those that mattered most, i too fell into deep despair.  For I could not battle this darkness and claim victory.

From my hiding place of shame I could catch glimpses of the ones who suffered. There seemed to be moments when the darkness that had claimed them subsided. The moments were few, but each day there seemed to be more. Were my most treasured finding the strength to resist total annihilation? Was there unfamiliar magic secretly and mysteriously waging battle? Were there strategies being employed that i did not understand?

Days, months, years passed as the spirit of darkness seemed to be losing its’ destructive grip of hopelessness. Light entered through cracks and crevices. Those who mattered most slowly gathered strength and as they did, their determination to claim their own victory grew. Without fanfare  the darkness was driven out with light; bright and radiant.

According to the 18th verse of the Tao, we as guardians of those most sacred are to “let go” and  trust that they will do what is best for them.

We are to understand that guardian means; protecting each one’s natural ability  to discover their own lighted path out of the darkness.