What calling do you hear today? 

What doors might be open to you today, leading you to work that no one can do but you? 

What story do you have to share today that only you can tell? 

What doors might you be able to open for another  today so that they might realize success? 

Who can you help and support today? 

Who can help and support you today? 

Who can you love today? 

To whom can you listen today? 

What step can you take today that will move you ahead? 

Today offers opportunities that tomorrow will be only a memory.  That doesn’t mean that tomorrow all is lost, but rather, just like our breath, we have choices, chances, insights, energy, people, seconds that are here for us to use.  Only by exhaling fully today, can inhale tomorrow 

The question to ask is …”What are we to do today”?

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