Long ago, we decided that when we saw beauty in anyone or anything we would notice it and appreciate it.  Every time we see a woman with lovely eyes, beautiful skin, a kind heart or gentle spirit shared with the world, we speak our appreciation to that person.

Those few words of goodness can change the course of the day for the waitress serving us breakfast, the grocery clerk packing our bags or the exhausted receptionist checking us in for our doctor’s appointment.  We have come to understand that everyone is blessed with their own unique kind of beauty, and once we make the choice to not only see it, but appreciate it, we find ourselves surrounded by the miraculous in the midst of the ordinary.  And, the most astounding insight has been that when we choose to extend goodness in the midst of this imperfect world, we receive that goodness back in abundance.

Where might you see beauty in the midst of your day?  To whom could you extend goodness, and in the extending, receive in abundance?

Mother (in the) Hood

February 23, 2010

We are a tribe, a community, a ferocious pack of heart and soul. We are hope and heartache and a source of endless possibilities.  There is nothing in the world that is worth protecting as much as our children. Our children are a reflection of our own past…the good, the bad, the ugly. By nurturing them, we are able to nurture our childlike selves. They are the essence of our present, guiding and determining almost every breath we take. Without question they are our future. We see and anticipate through our own thoughts and actions the lives that they will lead when they are standing alone. We are surrounded by “our children”. We are their parents, their mentors, their neighbors, their friends. Their future is our future. The investment offers a priceless return.

Next time you pass an infant, make eye contact. Hold its’ gaze. You will see the true source of all the world can be.

Art Matters To All

February 6, 2010

Our beloved friend and a seriously talented artist, Lisa Kaser is one to follow.
We want to recommend looking at her website any time you need a bit of inspiration or even just a little bright spot in your day. Each of her images is a completely unique take on life’s little challenges.
We are always surprised by how much we relate to the stories and names given to these paintings and collages.
This one is titled ‘Together’ and feels like a great caricature of Molly and I, holding strong!
find her at   www.lisakaser.com