matters that matter women’s retreat

March 15, 2010

Linda and Jack...the perfect man!

Home-made apple pie and lots of smiles

Molly and Jack...the perfect man!

Judy of Guler and Linda of the Harbor

Our own Volcanologist...the handsome Tom of the Mountains

Jean and Candy in the SUNSHINE

Linda and Judy, sisters

Cindy at Peace

who is that woman hugging my husband?

Gathered Our Courage Together

Anna: light and spirt

The girls mixing glue stick and soup...huh oh!

Speed scrabble...endless possibilities

The MATTERS THAT MATTER W OMEN’S RETREAT.  A room filled with courageous, bright, authentic women. We ate, we danced, we drank good wine & coffee (as promised), we laughed, we cried, we drummed, we napped, we created, we learned from one another, we loved with all of our hearts and souls. Women gloriously being women. Could it get any better? Well maybe if Amy Ferris (Marrying George Clooney) could have been there!

5 Responses to “matters that matter women’s retreat”

  1. Rosey Says:

    How do I get signed up for the next one? This looks incredible.

  2. Lisa Canche Says:

    As a member of the 1st Matters That Matter Retreat I am filled with gratitude and hope for the future. The hospitality of Molly and her husband-who graciously stayed elsewhere to allow us the freedom to have a girl’s learning experience-to open their home to us was priceless. The honesty and openness shared by Kristine & Molly both about their families’ experiences that was shared was truly touching. The generosity of Amy Ferris sending her Marrying George Clooney book to all of us was the icing on the cake. The women present were a godsend that have encouraged and inspired me to grow in ways that I did not think I even desired to. The words Thank You just do not seem sufficient after my life has been touched in such a way, but I will say them anyway – THANK YOU EVERYONE!

  3. judy Says:

    It was a weekend to remember. Most moving moment for me was when Molly challenged us to write about courage in our own personal lives. I have felt that I needed to be more confident in the woods as I did when I was a young girl. It was a joyful time in my life, and I desired to bring that back. When I had voiced this to everyone, the person sitting next to me “just happened” to be a wilderness guide who desires to lead others in adventures such as this! Was it a “coincidence”? . I was in the right place at the right time in my life, with the right question asked, to recieve something vital for my spritual development. I am grateful to Molly & Kristine for creating this loving space, and for the magic of synchronicity to happen. Truley “Matters that Matter.”

  4. Lisa RV Says:

    It was a fabulous retreat, and I agree, Amy Ferris should come next year and read to us from her great book Marrying George Clooney. In fact, could we get George Clooney to come to the retreat next year also?

  5. Myriah Says:

    I have seen Molly and Kristine do their thing at Rancho La Puerta Mexico. They literally changed my life with their courage workshop. I didn’t understand until they helped me to understand, how much of my life I was avoiding because of fear. Lucky you guys to go to a retreat like this one.

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