March 16, 2010

Linda and Jack...the perfect man!

Home-made apple pie and lots of smiles

Molly and Jack...the perfect man!

Judy of Guler and Linda of the Harbor

Our own Volcanologist...the handsome Tom of the Mountains

Jean and Candy in the SUNSHINE

Linda and Judy, sisters

Cindy at Peace

who is that woman hugging my husband?

Gathered Our Courage Together

Anna: light and spirt

The girls mixing glue stick and soup...huh oh!

Speed scrabble...endless possibilities

The MATTERS THAT MATTER W OMEN’S RETREAT.  A room filled with courageous, bright, authentic women. We ate, we danced, we drank good wine & coffee (as promised), we laughed, we cried, we drummed, we napped, we created, we learned from one another, we loved with all of our hearts and souls. Women gloriously being women. Could it get any better? Well maybe if Amy Ferris (Marrying George Clooney) could have been there!

What If We Were “PERFECT”

February 26, 2010

I recently read a book by Geneen Roth, Feeding the Hungry Heart. She is amazing and every person should read her. She speaks to the human condition regardless of the condition a human is in. She dares to suggest that we might consider that we are ENOUGH just the way we are. That if we accept where we have been, what we have accomplished or not,  the insecurities we carry, what we weight, the mistakes we’ve made; all contribute to exactly where we are supposed to be and who we are supposed to be. By accepting our very flawed selves as ADEQUATE, we could possibly  eliminate the ever-present whispering voice of anxiety. The voice that requires so much  attention trying to figure out how to create something different from what we really are.   MISTAKES and IMPERFECTIONS  are abundant.  But there isn’t one that doesn’t offer the opportunity to move ahead.  If we worried  less about what should have been, or how we should be different, we might just find the brain cells to be more content with all the amazing things we truly are. Imagine replacing the voice that says you are inadequate with the voice that says  I AM ENOUGH!
Artist Lynn Hoppe

Mother (in the) Hood

February 23, 2010

We are a tribe, a community, a ferocious pack of heart and soul. We are hope and heartache and a source of endless possibilities.  There is nothing in the world that is worth protecting as much as our children. Our children are a reflection of our own past…the good, the bad, the ugly. By nurturing them, we are able to nurture our childlike selves. They are the essence of our present, guiding and determining almost every breath we take. Without question they are our future. We see and anticipate through our own thoughts and actions the lives that they will lead when they are standing alone. We are surrounded by “our children”. We are their parents, their mentors, their neighbors, their friends. Their future is our future. The investment offers a priceless return.

Next time you pass an infant, make eye contact. Hold its’ gaze. You will see the true source of all the world can be.


February 21, 2010

These bones, they’re haunted,
By night they creak,
Inside me there’s howling
each time that I speak…
I awake with a feeling
I’ve been far away,
And whoever’s been here
Has left it all grey.
They aimlessly wander
through each empty room,
Their foot steps echo
like steps in a tomb.
When it rains
I feel them peer out my eyes,
With long hollow gazes
surveying the skies.
I’m a mansion of ghosts
made of flesh, full of breath…
What do they wait for,

For life? or for death?